I joined the U.S. Navy and did a 4 year tour aboard the USS O’Brien (DD-975) It was stationed in Yokosuka Japan and I had the privilege to travel all over East Asia, and visit many different countries.  I spent a lot of time exploring Japan and drinking.  I got out on an honorable discharge and I am now living in Pullman, Washington where I work on my music projects.  I have created 8 ambient, down-tempo, electronica albums under the name Bio-Sound Terrorist.  I am currently working on a new music project called Bio-Soundscapes where I take a field recorder with me when I go backpacking and record the sounds of nature, then bring it into the studio where I add soft ambient music to it for meditation and relaxation.  You can find more at www.platinum-pirate-productions.com

I recently started blogging about all the good times I had in the Navy, and to share it with everyone.


4 comments on “About

  1. Thanks for your service, you blog remindeds me of the fellowship, the fun, the pranks, the happy and the sad. Only those of us that have served would truly appreciate. Regardless of the branch of service, the honor, selfless service, and the pride will always be a part of those of us who served. Hooah! and thanks again.
    1SG Stan Shillingburg (recently retired!)

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